Get an Akita

Adopt Or Shop?

It’s hard not to want a beautiful Akita puppy when you see all of the amazing photos and videos of them online. Akita puppies are arguably the cutest of any breed. But while all dogs require a lot of love, work and attention; puppies require that tenfold. When you buy a puppy you also run the risk of paying money to an unethical breeder, or puppy mill. When you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, you are helping to preserve and protect the Akita breed. For a list of ACA approved breeders click here.

If you are dead set on buying an Akita puppy, please watch our video on how to find a reputable Akita breeder.

With that said, rescuing an Akita is always a great option. There are many benefits to rescuing Akita, including reduced costs of taking home a new pet, and already knowing beforehand what the personality of the Akita is. However the best reason is that these dogs are usually incredible companions who just need someone to love them!

Check the list below to find an Akita rescue in your area.