Life With An Akita

We Share Our Experiences With Akita Owners
So Their Akita Can Live A Great Life

Our Story

In my early twenties, I decided I wanted a dog, so I did what most people do, and I looked online at the local shelter for cute puppies. Listed on the site were photos of three adorable all white puppies labeled as “Akita mixes.”
Heading down to the shelter, there was one pup of the three that stood out to me, as he was the only one with floppy ears.

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Who Is Behind The Site?

Hey there, my name is Tony and that guy in the picture above is Haga. On this website we hope to help educate Akita owners or people who are thinking about getting an Akita puppy or adopting an adult Akita. We’ll be sharing informational articles and fun videos about our American Akita.

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